Powering Mobile Engagement

From robust ready-made app solutions to a scalable platform for rapidly building native iOS and Android apps, we have the answers for effectively engaging the mobile users important to your organization.

Native Apps

Your Social Networks. Your Calendars. Your News. Your Events. One App!

SmartFeed™ automatically combines all your news, events, calendars, social conversations, etc. into a highly configurable and convenient app for your followers to drive better engagement with no additional work. 

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Better engage members! Reduce membership costs,  increase membership and participation with more active benefits and much more!

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Runs & Walks

Streamline all aspects of your charity run or walk with a branded app for registrations, check ins, donations and more!

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'Avanti' - our native mobile development platform

Move forward by delivering engaging native apps to your iOS and Android users

The Essenza native app solutions and platform (Avanti) solves the limitations of indigestible mobile content delivery through existing responsive design and the latency of mobile web delivery. The SaaS mobile platform architecture of Avanti delivers a robust, scalable, efficient, and customizable toolset in a very cost effective manner to both build and support native apps to fit your needs. Mobile users get the information they need and the experience they expect.

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Native app use is surging. How are you going to meet the demand for your organization?

A recent study shows users average nearly three hours a day on their smartphones. Only 22 minutes per day are spent in their browser; the rest of the time is focused on applications. No doubt about it — your organization needs a native app now more than ever.


Only Essenza provides the scalable platform required to unify your mobile development efforts, collect information from those episodic moments users have with their apps, and meet the interactive experience of the ever-growing mobile user base.

Master the Mobile Experience with Essenza Software

Bottom Line: A native app should be the main communication source to your customers and a critical extension of your brand.

We provide the tools and solutions you need to keep pace with your mobile users and master the mobile experience. See for yourself! Check out our solutions and platform or request a demo today!